Sustainable Transport Strategies

Reducing private car use and enabling access for everyone to the benefit of health and the environment requires a holistic approach which begins with understanding what drives existing patterns of transport use, where barriers to change exist and where opportunities for change are available.  I can work with you to undertake travel surveys and research in order to prepare an effective sustainable travel strategy for your organisation.

Travel Plans

Whether a Travel Plan is required to support a planning application or to assist in developing more sustainable transport use for your site or organisation, I can provide a strategy which best fits the site characteristics and the needs of the site users to provide workable solutions for reducing private car use.  Travel Plans are prepared in accordance with the relevant local planning or highway authority’s specific planning guidance and/or to comply with BREEAM and DREEAM accreditation criteria whilst drawing on best practice nationally.

Residential Travel Plans

Influencing how residents choose to travel is challenging and relies upon the provision of supporting infrastructure and access to amenities.  Residential travel plans can build on these foundations by ensuring that residents are aware of the choices available to them with appropriate incentives to get them started initially through the provision of Home Welcome Packs.  Plans typically also require that a monitoring strategy is defined with clear points of contact for their implementation. 

Home Welcome Packs

Home Welcome Packs or Sustainable Travel Information Packs are provided to new home occupiers.  These provide an overview of local facilities and sustainable transport choices and may contain incentives such as vouchers for local bus services or to purchase cycling equipment.  They can be produced to incorporate your company’s branding and I can work with local public transport providers to include the suitable incentives where required.

Travel Plan Implementation

Residential Travel Plans can require a long-term ongoing commitment to provide information and incentives to residents alongside monitoring, with local authorities preferring the certainty of a single point of contact in the form of a Travel Plan Coordinator.  I can provide these services drawing upon experience and shared resources.  

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